Trace Systems offers a wide range of Raychem ®  Self Regulating, Self Limiting Electrical Heat Tracers and Constant Wattage Tracers from tyco |Thermal Controls . Whether for Industrial use or Commercial use, these Electrical Heat Tracers are a perfect solution for the temperature maintenance of process pipelines, tanks & vessels, etc. as well as for freeze protection and prevention of condensation.

In Industries, Self Regulating type Electrical Heat Tracing is widely replacing conventional steam tracing and resistance heaters, due to its immediate and long term cost effectiveness, lower power consumption, reliability and longetivity. Electrical Heat Tracing is used on Pipelines and Tanks, carrying various fuels, oils, chemicals, etc. to maintain a desired temperature to keep viscous liquids in flow condition and also prevent solidification / freezing of the liquid.

Commercially, Electrical Heat Tracing is mainly used to maintain the temperature of hot water flowing over a relatively long distance. Adopted by Hotels and High-rise buildings, Electrical Heat Tracing ensures a constant temperature at any given point of time. In sub-zero temperature, Electrical Heat Tracing is used to prevent water from freezing in tanks and pipes and to maintain a steady temperature.

We offer various tracers based on heat specifications.
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